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Allergy Awareness Prep for Back to School

by Tricia on August 3, 2012

allergy alert wristband 1024x684 Allergy Awareness Prep for Back to SchoolEach year about this time I make an allergy awareness assessment for my children. A few things I do to prep for the new school year:

  • Check epipen expiration dates. Renew prescription if needed.
  • Make allergy check up appointments.
  • Update the allergy plan paper kept in each of my children’s bags.
  • Order new allergy alert wristbands, if needed.

The wristband/bracelet is what I will concentrate on today.

The orange. It calls attention.

The bracelet. It’s trendy.

The stretchy band. It’s comfortable.

Lil’ Buddy calls it his watch.

trumphs alert wristband 1024x684 Allergy Awareness Prep for Back to SchoolI think calling it a watch is appropriate since it helps us and others ‘watch out’ for him. Same for big sister. I had been on the look out for an allergy alert bracelet for a while. When the link to Allergy Apparel’s Trump Food Allergy Wristband was posted on the Sunbutter blog, I clicked over to check them out. I am so pleased with what I found!

IMG 6534 1024x684 Allergy Awareness Prep for Back to SchoolThe wonderful thing about these bracelets is you can customize them. Each wristband comes with a set of picture charms representative of each of the common allergens: peanut, tree nut, shellfish, wheat, egg, dairy and soy. So we can customize my daughter’s wristband for tree nut and peanut. My son’s is all set up with the egg, peanut and tree nut charms.

The Trump Allergy Alert Wristband is just one of the unique products offered by Allergy Apparel. Be sure to click over and check them out! Making allergy friendly living easy for us.

More resources for you:

What are your favorite resources for allergy awareness?

~Tricia’s avoids eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. She is saving bucks and her sanity with frugal family recipes and allergy-friendly strategies. You can find her facing a daily dose of chaos substituting ingredients and homeschooling five children at Hodgepodge. Read her FAB story here.


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