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How to Measure Dairy-Free Margarine – Kitchen Tip

by Erin on March 12, 2012

shortening 2 How to Measure Dairy Free Margarine   Kitchen Tip

Butter and shortening come packaged in sticks with measurement marks on them. Dairy-free margarines and other margarines don’t.

So how can you measure it for baking without having to scoop into out into a measuring cup and press it in there, then scoop it out…leaving a mess behind?

It’s a simple solution, really.

Step #1 – Fill a liquid measuring cup with an even amount of COLD water. I usually do 1 cup of water if I’m measuring 1/2 cup of margarine.

Step #2 – Scoop the margarine into the water and press it gently so that it rests right at the level of the water. The water will rise to 1 cup + the amount of margarine that is in the scoop.

Step #3 – Once you reach the desired amount of margarine called for in the recipe, scoop the margarine out and place into the mixing bowl you will use. Pat dry any water beads that stuck with the margarine (there should be few or none.) Continue with the recipe as directed.

Simple. Less mess. Accurate measurement.


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