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Lunch Time Inspiration: Simple Skewers Recipe

by Tricia on August 2, 2013

While we love our nibble trays for a simple lunch, our newest favorite is simple skewers. Toothpicks make all the difference! Those pictured below are simply turkey lunch meat or turkey pepperoni with sliced, block cheddar cheese. Add some sliced apples on the side and maybe some chips and you have a meal! Lunch Meat […]


Three Ingredient Fudge Recipe

by Tricia on July 5, 2013

This fudge is perfect to fix for a family gathering or for that chocolate craving. Not only is it simple to make – in the microwave and with just three ingredients – it’s allergy-friendly! Gluten free. Peanut and tree nut free with Hershey® chocolate chips. Ingredients: Two (2) 12 oz. packages Hershey® chocolate chips (we […]

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This is an absolutely nut free and fun recipe for get togethers – or an afternoon snack at home! Always looking for ways to substitute SunButter for peanut butter, I came across a recipe for a Peanut Butter “Cheese Ball”. It is absolutely delicious with SunButter. SunButter “Cheese Ball” Dip Recipe Adapted with thanks to […]


Sweet potatoes in the slow cooker? Yes, please! I love those ‘fix it and walk away’ type meals. Especially a meal that is allergy-friendly! Modeled after Slow Cooker Baked Potatoes at A Year of Slow Cooking, making sweet potatoes the same way is easy. If you bake a bunch of sweet potatoes at once, then […]


Slow Cooker Applesauce Recipe

by Tricia on February 8, 2013

Each week in my meal plan I intentionally include cooking fun. Simple, easy, on-hand cooking ideas to whip up with the children. I want to cook with them on purpose. Teach them to enjoy the process. So it has to be fun! A couple days ago we decided to make some slow cooker applesauce. My […]


Tricia’s Nibble Trays Recipe

by Tricia on January 4, 2013

Nibble trays. Just little nibbles of whatever you like. Popular for lunch or dinner. A plate full of a pantry sampling serves many a purpose: puts a new spin on the same ol’ same ol’ cleans out the pantry/fridge of those bottom of the bag few bites eat what you already have buffet of what […]


Tricia’s Egg and Nut Free Holiday Cookies

by Tricia on December 7, 2012

At Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s  and even St. Patrick’s day, I turn to this basic cookie dough recipe. It’s the one my mother made with me when I was a child. And now I make them with my children. Even though two of my five children are severely allergic to peanuts and eggs. We roll out […]


No reason not to enjoy sweet potato casserole with those you love that have egg and nut allergies. Just omit the egg and top with something other than pecans. Today I share the simple substitutes in a long-time family recipe… Allergy Friendly Sweet Potato Crunch 3 cups cooked, mashed sweet potatoes 1 cup sugar 1/2 […]


Tricia’s Egg-Free Oven Pancakes Recipe

by Tricia on October 30, 2012

Have you ever found one of those life-changing recipes? Well, I have one for you. This is a recipe for pancakes you bake in the oven. You mix up the ingredients and put it in a pan and bake it. Then you cut it, like brownies, and serve it up with syrup. With many thanks […]


Simply tasty. Speedy quick. Afternoon treat! Allergy-friendly recipes need not have a long list of ingredients. Nor be expensive. And the whole family can enjoy these freshly-baked cookies in half an hour. Adapting a recipe I found via Pinterest to make it nut free, I substituted SunButter for peanut butter in Three Ingredient Peanut Butter […]