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Better in Ways You Will Not Even Be Able to Describe

by Erin on May 29, 2012

When I tested for food allergies with numbers off the charts in so many categories, (all gluten/all dairy/eggs/beans/pineapples, etc.) the doctor promised that after a year on the plan, I would feel better in ways I wouldn’t even be able to describe to him.
It took a little longer, since my problems were severe and had gone on for decades, but he was right–my life was given back to me!

It has been a miracle. I don’t even really miss all those foods I once thought I needed to get through the day (cheese, eggs, breads). I am thinking more clearly, no more pain or needing to live near the bathroom, and I’m wearing sizes I haven’t seen since I was first married! Much more (than I can describe!) Feeling hopeful. Yes it is hard to always have to cook and plan ahead and take my own food everywhere…but it’s worth it to feel so much better, and I would encourage everyone to give this a try if you have not been feeling well.

As for keeping the specialty food costs down, with me and kids having several allergies, (they have some others besides mine, such as rice, beef and chicken), cost IS a problem. (I am hoping to find some ideas here!) Our local grocery store (Hy-vee) has one day per week when they have 10 percent off their entire health section, so that is when I plan and buy groceries for a tiny bit of help. But anything we put toward healthy eating now is money we will not have to pay toward hospital bills later, right?

Thanks for your blog, best of health! – MommaRitzy

Thank YOU for being a faithful reader and for sharing your food allergy story.  I hope your encouragement of better health inspires others to take that step to a new life!

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