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Crazy Eczema & New Beginnings

by Erin on July 3, 2012

My oldest daughter and I both have severe eczema. We haven’t been tested for food allergies, but I just emailed my insurance company to see if food allergy testing is covered on our plan. My eczema seems to be getting worse over time. I have two red eczema rashes, one on my palm and one on my lower leg that have been present for at least two years. I use the topical creams that my doctor prescribes and that helps very temporarily but I have to use it more than once a day to feel any relief at all. I have two more eczema rashes on my other lower leg and on the lower middle part of my foot that have bothered me for about a year. I know that I have a nickel allergy but I think the soft silicone or rubber shell of my iPhone and iPad also bother me which is probably why I constantly have the eczema rash on my right palm where I hold both devices.

I want to try a gluten free diet. I’ve heard this can help a lot. My three daughters and I also have the The Innattentive type of ADHD and take medication. I also take an antidepressant and have for many years. I’ve heard that a gluten free diet can also help with these types of things. I have to shop frugally and so I appreciate this website very much. I am also very impressed with the recipes and freezer meal plans. I have paid for a month’s worth of gluten free meal plans and am so impressed that there are many months worth of plans here that are printable and free to access! I really have no excuse for putting off trying this lifestyle change.

I work as an elementary school counselor and am currently on maternity leave. Due to some emergency surgeries last year, I used most all of my tenure days last year. My pay for this summer is next to nothing so I have recently qualified for temporary food stamps and WIC. I am dedicated to saving the most possible on grocery bills. Even with this assistance, I want to stretch what I have as far as possible. I am very thankful for all the information here on how to shop smart for gluten free deals.

I don’t know if we have dairy allergies. I haven’t thought much about it but I do remember finding out as a child that I was allergic to cow’s milk. I always just thought I outgrew that allergy. I am excited about all I have to learn and experience as I try to improve the health and lives of myself and family.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!  I love your enthusiasm as you pursue a gluten free lifestyle.

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