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My Sweet Baby Aaron

by Erin on June 19, 2012

My son was accidentally given cow’s milk instead of my milk in some rice cereal at about 9 months old. A severe and violent reaction told us right away that he had a severe dairy allergy, so we made an appointment with the allergist. Two days before the appointment he found a peanut from the bowl my husband had been eating. He didn’t even ingest it, just touched it to his mouth. He went into anaphylaxis, which was terrifying, to say the least. After testing we now know that we are dealing with milk, peanut, and egg allergies. It’s a new world figuring this out, especially with two other kids, but we are learning all we can. I am still praying and believing he will outgrow this!

Thank you for sharing your food allergy story, and hope this site helps you on your journey in navigating food allergies!

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