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No beans for me, please!

by Erin on March 1, 2012

I have been allergic to beans/peas/legumes, and also peanuts, since birth.

Back when I was born (1970), they didn’t routinely test babies for allergies, so it took a few dr’s before they realized the (soy) formula that I was being given was actually making me really sick. I am not so allergic to peanuts that I have to worry about peanut dust, so I am thankful for that. Mostly it just makes me immediately sick to my stomach (again, a lesson learned the hard way when I was a child).

Mostly what I have learned is to BE PROACTIVE: don’t guess that people will tell you it’s “soy cheese” in that potluck dish (it was an inch from my mouth when I remembered to ask the vegan couple what was in their lasagna), don’t wait to find out if there are peanut butter chips in those “chocolate chip cookies”, don’t wait until the Mexican restaurant has covered your plate with beans before TELLING people “hey, I’m allergic to beans/peas/legumes/peanuts, could you please make sure none are anywhere on my plate?”. Most of our world will work with you, if they know, but I have to SPEAK UP and tell them. 🙂

I am still trying to learn how to live on a budget with food allergies. I have trouble because a lot of cheap dishes are heavy on beans. I could use some help! 🙂

Does anyone have any suggestions for inexpensive meals that aren’t heavy on beans?

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